Types of Polyurea

  The Polyurea, depending on its chemical structure, should be: aliphatic or aromatic. Aromatic polyurea is more tenacious and does not resist UV exposure, producing certain discolouring and loss of sheen. Therefore, it is not recommended for “face side” applications. On the contrary, aliphatic polyurea is resistant to UV radiation and is excellent as a finishing layer.

Eurotaff have two types of polyurea: Cold Polyurea and Hot Polyurea. The first is directed towards domestic use or small works and the second towards professional and industrial use.

• Cold Polyurea


EUROTAFF 300 is a polyurea that is stable against ultraviolet radiations. It is mainly used at domestic level or for small jobs. It is applied manually by rubber trowel or roller. Its drying time is slightly longer than that of hot polyurea.

• Hot Polyurea



EUROTAFF AR is an ideal polyurea for indoor and outdoor coatings in industrial and commercial sectors. It retains no significant electric charging and therefore it is recommended for both flooring and coatings in electronic laboratories, white rooms, operating theatres or offices with sensitive technology.



EUROTAFF AR50 is a system for applications that require greater elasticity. Suitable for waterproofing metal roofs, pre-lacquered sheeting, zinc, galvanized steel, etc., or elements subject to considerable structural stress such as bridge slabs or any type of structural joint that requires it.



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